Title: There Is a Place

Author: [personal profile] azephirin / abi z.

Pairing: Sam/Dean or not, reader's choice

Rating: PG

Summary: There the grass grows soft and white, and there the sun burns crimson bright, and there the moon-bird rests from his flight.

Word count: 100

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: Not mine. Lack of litigation appreciated.

( Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black and the dark street winds and bends. )
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18 May 2009 @ 02:12 am
Title: Shore Leave
Characters: Dean/Sam, Ruby
Rating: NC-17
Beta [personal profile] seleneheart
Word Count: 1461
Disclaimer: Sadly, they aren't mine, I'm just playing with them for a while.
Notes: AU
Summary: Sam and Dean spend some quality time together after the apocolypse.

Shore Leave
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Author: [personal profile] maerhys
Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Genre/Prompt: post-apocalypse; Sam shares his abilities with Dean like the YED did with him as a baby.
Word Count: 2,350
Disclaimer: This is a transformative work of fiction.
Warnings: explicit fraternal incest, semi-evil!boys, spoilers for 4x16, 4x20
Summary: No one expects this ending, too quiet, too close to what they never thought to hope for.

Somehow they always find me, seem even to be waiting, determined to keep me from myself, from the thing that calls to me as it must have once called to them – this temptation to step off the edge and fall weightless, away from the world.
Title: devouring time, blunt thou the lion's paws
Author: Larien Elengasse
Rating: MA (NC-17) for language and mature themes
Characters: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Angst, profanity, Wincest, apocafic. Some spoilers for 4.20 and promos for following episodes.
Word count: 5867
Beta: none but me, myself, and I
Feedback: Would be much appreciated.
Author's note: Written for Sam Winchester's birthday. It's something that I'd like to see happen, but it probably won't because Kripke is an evil bastard. The title is from Shakespeare's Sonnet 19, written to the young man. It's about a type of rebirth or resurrection; the lover is resurrected after death, each time the sonnet is read. The imagery in the first quatrain inspired this little fic. You can find the entire sonnet here. Happy Birthday, Sam! You'll never grow old, and you'll never die, not for us.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is the property of Kripke and CW; I’m just renting a little corner of their sandbox and doing things with their property that you can’t do on network TV.

Summary: the apocalypse is coming, Sam Winchester is falling, and all he can think about is Dean.

Truth be told, he was glad Dean did it, did what he couldn’t do himself. But he wished Dean wasn’t here to watch him turn, to see what he was becoming. Dean shouldn’t have to see that.
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